Monday, August 5, 2013

Repair Man-man-man-man!

It’s been a fairly long period of time since I went dark. A combination of working and filming has caused me to put a majority of my writing on hold. On top of all that, I acquired a few computer parts to complete a PC that is meant to perform extremely well with non-linear editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro (and possibly some graphically demanding gaming on the side).

Well, to my surprise, I ran into some hardware issues and found myself switching hats for the past couple of weeks. Suddenly, I was troubleshooting hardware like I owned an IT solutions shop.

And the problems didn't stop there. Around the same, my Nexus 7 tablet decided to cough and sputter and keel over on me, AND my laptop screen cracked (that one was probably my fault...I need to stop placing fragile/expensive things on the floor beside my bed). Luckily, I had an external monitor, and a great wealth of knowledge to help repair some of those issues.

As of this moment, I installed a replacement screen for my laptop, have my PC’s motherboard on its way back to the repair shop, and have the tablet prepared to send back. Thankfully, it’s all with minimal charge and great, responsive customer service. You can’t beat that!

Anyway, I promise I’ll cut all the boring technical jumbo and get back to posting about film and equipment updates, including some updates on the progress of my 48 Hour Film! Stay tuned!

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