Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GoPro Studio 2.0 Now Available

Though not a personal update per say, I do own a GoPro Hero 3, so to hear the announcement that GoPro had just released an update for their studio software, I was rather giddy. I haven't had a chance to test the software myself, but from what I've read, it is exponentially better than the previous version, which has gotten quite a few complaints.

I guess you could say that the GoPro developers actually listened to their end-users and made the requested changes to their editing software. Hooray for the power of listening! While the software package isn't anything special to begin with, it provides the tools that are necessary for some quick cutting and publishing of GoPro footage.

The software includes templates, which allow the user to drop their own footage in, automatically syncing the footage with the template music and effects. This is perfect for somebody looking to make something a little more professional without spending all that time to do it. Of course, this process still requires the user to review and select the footage they want to drag and drop in, but the process is still rather simple.

Now, if you have the time and the editing skills, I would still recommend using your choice of higher-end editing software to cut together your GoPro videos. However, if you don't have the required time or skill, then I would recommend using the GoPro Studio 2.0 for quick editing and a decent looking end-product. I'll check out the software in its entirety and possibly post some of my footage with the use of the software. Check back soon!


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